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Full Movie: Anal Time For The MILFS #11

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Full Movie: Anal Time For The MILFS #11

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Anal Time For The MILFS #11

Following our last episode in which a fresh stud called Laci was auditioned to fuck a hot milf called Magda, who is willing to pay if a man can give her an orgasm, this week its time to see how that sex

session turns out.

Our regular hero, J.J., is doing some paperwork in his office when Magda (played by Canadian star ALYSSA REECE) turns up. She is looking hot, with a smart short dress and black stockings, evening makeup, but claims to be nervous. J.J. tells her to relax and enjoy the sex that is going to follow. Her stud is waiting for her in one of the bedrooms at the top of the stairs.

Magda goes upstairs and into the bathroom. Here she gives us a kind of striptease as she loses the dress. She looks so hot in high heels and hold up stockings. After applying a little more lipstick she

heads for the bedroom. When she opens the door we see in the foreground the huge foot long dick of Czech stud LUTRO who plays stud Laci. Magda stares at this mammoth cock and utters, "Oh

God....its big !" Her eyes open wide at the sight as he strokes this gargantuan tool, her pussy juices start getting wet at the thought of such a monster deep inside her cunt. She desperately wants to fuck it.

But first a cock like this needs to be worshipped. Magda licks and gobbles on this huge shaft, trying to get the manmeat down her throat. She drools spit over it and sucks on his balls. He teaches her

to worship his knob like a god and she obeys wanting to act the whore. Then its time for some pussy licking as buries his tongue deep inside her snatch, finding her clit and driving the hot bitch

wild as he tongues it. He fingers and frigs her only adding to her sexual pleasure.

As we get into fucking each position gets increasingly wilder and more passionate as the couple let loose all their passions. This is a bitch who will orgasm not once but several times and louder with

each one. It is an intensely exciting sex scene to watch as performers ALYSSA and LUTRO light up the screen with the intensity of their sex. Missionary position gives way to cowgirl, cowgirl to reverse cowgirl, then spoons and doggy as our stud slams his manmeat into her gaping cunt. But the bitch wants more...

So somehow LUTRO manages to ease his massive cock deep into ALYSSA`s asshole. She gasps at first at the sheer size of this monster in her back passage, but then as it greasily begins to slide

more and more in and out she starts to build up to an anal orgasm. When he pulls out from time to time we have a nice gape shot and of course the whore loves to suck cock from her asshole. Finally

she orgasms and so does he - shooting a thick load of cum.

Released:Jun 20, 2021
Length:42 min

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